We are proud announce that Reza has successfully released the 4th Edition of the “Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook- An Expert Guide to the Practical Operation, Design, and Optimization of FCC Units”

The FCC handbook has completely been re-worked, rejuvenated, and updated to address many of the issues being faced in today’s FCC/RFCC practices. Some of the subjects covered in this new edition include:

  • Updated practical guide to optimizing FCC Processes, filed with real examples that will enable engineers to maximize long-term profitability and reliability of FCCU operations
  • Practical tips and “lessons learned” to quickly troubleshoot short and long-term issues
  • Tools for optimization of the unit’s performance regardless of the feedstock quality, operating conditions and mechanical limitations
  • The new “Biofuel” chapter delivers practical options and approaches to producing transportation fuels using both petroleum based fuel as wells as biomass feedstock.  The expanded chapter in the FCC catalyst delivers more in-depth discussions of the catalyst properties and how to go about optimizing catalyst selection

This book is available at either or

Other Papers/Publications

  • NPRA Presentation 2008
  • FCC Regenerator Mechanical Upgrades to Improve Coke Burning Efficiency and Improve Emissions

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